Introducing JARE Industries

Working with JARE Industries

Working with JARE Industries

JARE INDUSTRIES is a sustainable modular, anti-seismic, anti-cyclonic, construction specialist.

We build:

  • housing camps,
  • showers and toilets modified containers,
  • schools,
  • standard housings,
  • offices,
  • workshops

We operate worldwide:

  • in Europe (UK, Denmark, France, Greece…),
  • in Pacific area (New Caledonia, Australia, Vanuatu…),
  • and in Africa (Ivory Coast...)

We have a very good knowledge of the use that will be made from our products under very hard long term using conditions (talking here as well as about the way human people are living or using with not much respect to the material in our houses, as well as transportation, hard weather condition, cyclonic and earthquake conditions that our modules are withstanding).

We are working with some of the major mining companies (Vale, Glencore, Eramet, BHPB….), on one of the world main industrial construction site, and with Engineers’ offices (SNC Lavalin, Technip, Hatch, Saipem….).

We have always followed very high standards requirements (France NF, CE, BS, USA, Australia…).

We have a high production and delivery capacity and have large scale project references.

We are focused on providing a high level of Quality, Quality Management, Health and Safety Management, and Environmental Care

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

JARE Industries have always paid a high attention to its suppliers labour condition, evicting those non-conforming with international Convention.

Regarding onsite job, in order to anticipate, to explain to our client the way we are working, to train our working teams and for Health and Safety reasons to prevent any site accident, we produce a Method Statement for delivery phase, unloading phase, and installation phase of the modules. This document includes the name of the Site Manager in charge of the installation, it describes the different steps we will follow, and includes lifting cranes or any truck technical documents.

When needed, a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is done to focus on a special operation with safety hazard such as lifting of heavy elements, work at height or welding operations. By breaking the job down into a sequence of steps, the JSA help us identifying potential hazards and determining preventive measures to overcome these hazards.

In addition to that, we also brief our teams on site prior to starting work.

Quality and Quality Management

Quality and Quality Management

Involved from the design phase to delivery and commissioning of our equipment, with the added advantage of having representatives worldwide, we are very responsive to the needs of our customers.

For years we have implemented a quality control system to monitor the production of prefabricated modules. Every step is monitored and tested, choice of steel for the successful completion of the supply and plumbing.

All our workshops are ISO 9001.

We work with control offices as Veritas and Socotec when necessary to validate the compliance of our products with local standards.

For example, electrical plans are verified, validated, and then the final installation is also verified and validated by the control agencies to certify compliance with the demanding French standards (NF 15-100 ...)

New Caledonia being cyclonic area, foundations and large implementation plans are also verified and obtain resistance certification in case of such events.
We do this even in seismic areas to meet the standards of resistance to earthquakes.

Architectural Firm

Architectural Firm

JARE Industries is associated with Willy Porcheron Architect firm.

With this partnership, JARE Industries is able to offer original and modern architectural designs.

JARE Industries

Modular Constructions Solutions

Anticyclonic, Parasismic
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